Hey Kupkake! We are pleased to welcome you to our world where all things are sweet. At Kaked Kosmetics, we aim to be more than just a brand, instead, we desire not only to make you look beautiful, but to feel beautiful also. In a time where beauty is based on likes and masked by filters, it can be quite difficult to be unapologetically you! 

Our number one goal is to create a safe space where you can expose all your flaws, imperfections and insecurities with no judgements attached. We want to give you the power to express your beauty regardless of your gender, race or body type.

Everyone deserves the right to feel beautiful and this should never be compromised by price tags. We aim to ensure that cost is not an issue for our customers, because we believe that beauty is not defined by how much you spend, it is defined by how konfident you feel. 

As a brand, we want to inspire people to look beyond the surface and realise that beauty is made up of so many different ingredients.

You are kute, you are konfident and you are kourageous. So we let them know, if they can't take the heat, then they better get out of the kitchen, because it’s about to get even hotter!